Float to Live

Would you know what to do if you got into difficulty in the water? Float by following these five simple steps – it could save your life.

A man floating in the water with the word float
Know what to do if you're struggling in the water?

How to Float

If you found yourself struggling in the water unexpectedly, your instinct would tell you to swim hard. But cold water shock could make you gasp uncontrollably. Then you could breathe in water and drown. Instead, you should Float to Live.

If you’re struggling in the water, fight the urge to thrash around

Lean back, extend your arms and legs

Gently move them around to help you float if you need to

Float until you can control your breathing

Only then, call 999 or 112 for help or swim to safety.

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If your child is struggling in the water, do they know what to do?

Float to Live

Float Family Static UK 16x9

Know what yo do if you're struggling in the water?

Float to Live

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